7 Features You Didn’t Know Existed

I get a lot of questions about the site from users looking for a specific function or feature. Realizing it may not always be evident if and where certain elements of the site exist, I thought I’d list some of the most commonly-missed or unintentionally hidden features.

1. Custom Query
The most common response from me to questions I receieve on Twitter is “Custom Query.” Each of the Team, Goalie and Skater sections contain a tab linking to this tool at the top of the page. The Custom Query provides more flexibility to users, and importantly, the ability to search stats within a given range of dates. Users may also aggregate games or keep them separate for a game-by-game view. If you need functionality absent from the standard Team, Goalie or Skater tables, this should be the first place you look.

Corsica’s WOWY (With Or Without You) tool is located in the Combos section. It provides both visual and tabular representations of how a player and their teammates perform together and apart. There is considerable flexibility here, both in what you want to view and how you want to view it. Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 3.32.14 PM

3. Rink View
The beloved WAR On Ice feature Hextally is no longer, but Corsica offers its own variant of shot location maps. Shots for and against teams, goalies or skaters can be mapped in any of three ways (points, density or tiles) on a scaled rink diagram. This element is quite bare currently, but more options are sure to be added down the road.

4. Stories
The Games section hosts one of the more unique features the site has to offer. Stories are automated details produced from live game data, shared in text form. A glance at the Stories during or after a game can tell you which players were most productive, whether a goalie was hot, which team had the edge in shots and more. These stories are also shared on Twitter the next morning by Story Bot.

5. Assist Networks
Within the Combos section is a tool that allows users to produce assist network diagrams for teams. These diagrams show scorers (red) and their relationships with passers (blue). asst

6. Usage Charts
Once ubiquitous across hockey Twitter and the stats blogosphere, usage charts have waned in popularity. They are nonetheless available on Corsica, via the Skaters section. Users have the ability to define their own axes according to preference and generate plots for custom lists of players or entire teams.

7. Forum
The newly-added Corsica message board is a work in progress. Anybody can register and join the conversation. My hope is that we can build a community for sharing information and undertaking constructive discussion. I’m very eager for more people to join in.


Author: Emmanuel Perry

Creator and webmaster of corsica.hockey.

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