Corsica is a public hockey stats database and blog created by Emmanuel Perry in 2016. All data sourced from NHL, ESPN or Sportsnet unless otherwise specified.


Email: Emmanuel Perry

Twitter: @CorsicaHockey, @MannyElk


Contributors and Acknowledgements

WAR On Ice - Andrew C. Thomas (@acthomasca), Alexandra Mandrycky (@alexgoogs), Sam Ventura (@stat_sam)

WAR On Ice set the gold standard for hockey stats sites and its creators set a precedent for openness and dedication that I have yet to see matched. I learned a great deal from all three and while I rely entirely on my own original code, much of what you see on the site is modelled after what they created.

Matt Cane (@Cane_Matt), DTM About Heart (@DTMAboutHeart ), Tasha (@madeupcall)

DTM, Tasha and Matt each provide valuable technical and creative input. All three are also authors for the Corsica Blog. Tasha also helps with site design and social media.

Shalla (@shallanelprin), Aaron (@aaront)

Shalla and Aaron both graciously helped me with web design and styling.